Six Figure Achiever’s Course

12 Videos (some with 2 lessons) plus 5 Audios and Downloadable Tracking Sheets 

Bonus:  12 Steps to Wealth and Fulfillment

Having a vision is powerful.  Having the know how to turn it into six figures or more is financial freedom and powerful.  Find out how this course can help you take control of your financial future and start building the quality life of your dreams.

Level - Beginner

This course is for anyone who wants to earn six figures with their home-based business.

Easy to Understand and Follow Lessons

Access the course at your leisure.  

Special Registration Prices Ends:

February 5th, 2020. Your monthly price will not change during the 12 week course period.


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Watch the Video of the Week

Then do the assignment and follow the steps to start earning 


Tracking Sheets & Monthly Focus Forms

Learn the best way to keep track of your success  


Private Access to a Power Achievers' Group

Share your success and cheer each other on and receive unexpected bonuses to help you cross the Six Figure mark.


Easy to Use Sales Scripts

Learn keys to make selling easier


Accountability Conference Calls

Participate in private monthly conference calls and connect with other successful women and get answers to your questions.


Keep Learning on The Go

Access audios to download to help you establish a wealth mindset. 


Recognize Opportunities

Don’t  let potential revenue get away 


Stimulate Entrepreneurial Creativity

Go beyond simply being creative. Get techniques to put your visionary skills to work for your business.  Produce products & services to boost profits.


Get Money When Needed

Learn the different ways you can bring in money to take your business to the next level.

Why  Sign-Up

Why This Course

Who This Course is For?

12 week classes

  • Those who want a clear path to achieving six figures in their home based business
  • Want to earn income to support their household
  • Those who are open to discovering the true keys to winning.
  • Those who are tired of spinning their wheels in business.  You really aren’t going anywhere.
  • You believe you can achieve if you could just get pointed in the right direction.

Why This Program? 

Online Self Paced

  • You will learn things not covered in many business courses
  • You need to learn how to bring in revenues, fast
  • To make profitable connections
  • It’s priced affordably to help you get started
  • The information is coming from an experienced entrepreneur who has coached countless others and helped them earn six figures.
  • You deserve to achieve and win

What Else Can I Expect?

Online Self Paced

  • Keys to creating a belief system shift to wealth mindset
  • Exercises to help you conquer fear
  • Learning to find customers consistently
  • Learn to market with almost no budget
  • To standout from the competition
  • Ways to organzie your business for productivity
  • Thought provoking questions to help you frame business success faster
  • Establish a 6 figure routine and more bonuses….


What Our Students Say

 “Thank you very much Pat Council you have truly inspired and changed my life!!! Since meeting you my mindset has never been the same.”

Shakeya Lovett

President, Black Nurses Rock 

Bradenton, Fl  Chapter 

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pat Council as my marketing and business development advisor.  She provides guidance with developing plans and goals.  Her knowledge is vast and her expertise in building client relationships, team building, marketing/branding and strategizing is astounding.” 

Donna James

Network Marketer

 “Thank you very much Pat Council you have truly inspired and changed my life!!! Since meeting you my mindset has never been the same.”

Kay Poole

Owner, VTEC Inc. 

“Pat lent her outstanding business and marketing talents to EBS Security Inc. I believe she is an excellent fit for any event or company.”

Printella Bankhead

President, EBS Security

“Pat has proven an invaluable mentor to my young business. She has helped me find clarity in my vision, provided numerous resources to properly plan for growth, and lent an experienced ear to the wonderful journey of a new entrepreneur.”

Keina Bryant Worrell

Owner, Thoughtful Therapy Jax

“I commend Pat Council for her uncanny ability to help aspiring entrepreneurs and expanding organizations aim high and succeed.  My personally owned business has benefitted from the highly skilled marketing, coaching and consulting expertise of Pat Council.

Michele R. Wright, Ph.D

Author, Dear Success Seeker

I Am Ready to Be a Six Figure Entrepreneur

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